Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Sam the rocket

   "Kablooey!" argued the pernicious salamander.
   "Oik." replied Warren, eater of salubrious, red ingots. She was not happy.
   Marigolds grew gloriously from the tempting aromas of a fallow trigonometry, masticating their parenthetical, obverse giraffes.
   Elsewhere, Sam the Rocket.


Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Alan and Patrice

   "The armadillo needs a good buffing!!!" screeched Alan.
   "What about his extensive awning collection?" queried the unintroduced Ferdinand.
   "Well, yes, there's that." agreed Patrice.
   "You realise we're not making any sense, don't you?" asked Alan impatiently.
   "Yes!" exclaimed Ferdinand and Patrice simultaneously.
   "Probably time to wind this up then?"
   "Yes!" came the agreement.


Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Borgle the Wheezlesnap

   “Ho ho, Borgle. I see you have certainly made the most of your unusual talents!”
   “Yes, oh serene-and-wise-and-occasionally-a-little-cranky master of mine.”
   “You breathe particularly well!”
   “To have the talent of breathing is indeed most useful in staying alive, oh venerable-but-yet-still-lacking-in-a-certain-something guru.”
   “As it most obviously is!”